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Charles: 2000-07

Here he is, notre chou-chou à nous tous (you have to understand French to get that phrase, which translates into something like "here's our very own little cabbage"), in his Breakers uniform late in 2006. The Santa Cruz County Breakers is his most recent youth soccer team.   


Next, on the right, is his school photo from early spring 2008.

Charles was born at the end of our 1995 summer vacation in La Grée. He was born in the same clinic as Daphné eight years before, la Clinique des Augustines, managed by nuns whose spiritual and moral predecessors had helped allied airmen escape the Nazis during World War II.

Charlie cemented our family. Each of the older children took to him immediately, and he had a charmed childhood with all that love. Until the older reached adolescence, when of course from time to time things became more complicated!

On the right, on a sled in Tahoe in March 2007.

His number one kick is soccer (tee-hee!), where he does very well (you might want to check out his competitive under 10 soccer team in the fall 2005 season) and he likes most any other sport that he tries. In the photo below left, he's racing to cross the line first at the Happy Valley School annual sports day in 2006.

Not forgetting recreational biking, skiing and video games.  He particularly likes to fool around. Below on the right, we find him in the dryer at his father's apartment in Irvine during Thanksgiving 2003. Note that he did not neglect to bring the fabric softener!

And this is the roof of La Samaritaine department store in Paris, August 2003. Needless to say, it is not supposed to be climbed on!

Unfortunately, he seems to have a thing for climbing on roofs!

The Metro in Newcastle-upon-Tyne terminates at St. James's Park, where Newcastle United of the English Premier League make their home. After going to see the stadium in July 2007, and buying a ball in its store, Charlie could not resist trying it out before the train started its journey. A voice came over the tannoy: "Please stop playing football in the rear of the train!"


Here he is, climbing again, this time in Grandpa's doorway at La Grée.



Happy Valley School photo in September 2003



Here's one of his favorites, taken during our 2006 summer vacation at La Grée.


Unfortunately, the arrival of the much-desired and greatly appreciated computer, opposite, did not supersede the TV.

Screens rule: ouch!



For his ninth birthday, a computer, an eMachines, a modern version of his brother Nick's, but Charlie received his four years younger than Nick. It tends to go that way in the family. The younger boys seem to benefit from everything earlier than their older siblings. 


Escorting his Maman in San Francisco, in January 2004.


Here's another Happy Valley School photo, this time in September 2000. This is his mother's favorite of him.



Here he is with his kid brother during our 2000 summer vacation, at Disney World in Florida.  He's a pretty nice big brother, as this picture shows (and as do many others, including here), although Alex has been known to get bopped more than once or twice!




Here are two very different moods from one short ferry trip, across from the mainland to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island during our Canadian vacation in April 2003.




The significance of this photo is not self-evident.  On August 19, 2000, in a swimming pool on Key Biscayne, Charlie showed us all that he could swim unassisted.  BRAVO Charlie!!  He couldn't lift his head to breath yet, but he could swim!  By the end of the Florida vacation, he was breathing at the same time as well.  He learned that all by himself.




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